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Wed May 27 20:40:42 EDT 2009

Dear CounterCorp supporters,

It's almost here! One more day! We can actually feel the excitement!

Tomorrow -- Thursday, May 28 -- marks the opening night of the 4th
Annual Anti-Corporate Film Festival, leading off with the "bleeding
edge" (literally) film SWEET CRUDE, about corporate-abetted
repression, violence, and death (and local resistance to it) in the
Niger River Delta region of Nigeria.

The film will be followed by a Q&A with director Sandy Cioffi and a
Nigerian activist who has just returned from the region, and then the
first-ever CounterCorp Festival opening night party, at the San
Francisco Media Archive at 275 Capp Street (between 17th and 18th
Streets), a short two-block walk from the Victoria Theatre.

While the party is getting under way, we'll screen the second film of
opening night, BLACK WAVE, which examines the issue of fighting
corporate power from an American perspective -- in this case, the
residents of Cordova, Alaska, who are *still* battling for
reparations and justice for their losses 20 years after the Exxon
Valdez oil spill.

After Thursday, the Festival rolls on with films on obesity,corporate
control over culture, the use of foreign economic aid to promote
corporate interests, before it closes on Saturday, May 30, at 9:00pm
with a film about corporate efforts to gain control of -- and maximum
profits from -- the most precious human resource (other than oxygen):

The complete schedule -- including descriptions, trailers, and links
to get advance tickets to all of the films and the opening night party
-- is available on the CounterCorp website at www.countercorp.org.
Check it out and come to the Festival!

In the meantime, there are a couple of other things we think you
should know about:

1) COUNTERCORP ON THE RADIO -- CounterCorp director John Wilner was
interviewed on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM in San Francisco on Memorial
Day (Monday, May 25) from 11:00am - 12:00pm. A streaming podcast of
the interview is available at <www.nerdnetworks.org/pcr/ShotInTheArm-20090525.mp3

You can save the interview on your computer for later listening by
right-clicking on the link above and choosing the option to download
the linked file. (The file contains the entire 2-hour show, including
an interview with Sandy Cioffi in the first hour; the CounterCorp
interview starts roughly half way into the total running time.)

2) SAVE MONEY *AND* CIVILIZATION -- If you haven't bought one of our
new CounterCorp t-shirts, you'll want to do so now: As we mentioned in
our previous message, wearing your CounterCorp t-shirt to certain
events will get you in at a discount, or even free.

To help promote the new shirts, we're offering FREE admission to the
film of your choice -- except the opening night film "Sweet Crude" at
7:00pm on Thursday -- when you wear your shirt. So buy a shirt for $20
and get a $10 movie for free!

3) OPENING NIGHT PARTY -- The menu's pretty much set for the opening
night reception, and it's great; check it out:

- Various flavored popcorns such as maple and fried sage
- Paprika-rubbed potato wedges with a chive-clove sauce
- Balls of brown rice stuffed with fennel-turnip puree
- Ginger-roasted peaches, drizzled with lemon yogurt dip
- Thyme focaccia with fava beans, kale, and strawberries

There may be more/different foods and other surprises, so come down
to the party and see -- and taste -- for yourself! And you don't have
to come to the opening night film to attend the reception: We'd love
to have you even if you're coming to the Festival another night, or
the schedule doesn't fit your plans. A party's a party!

4) PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION -- If you haven't already done so,
please help us promote this year's Festival by sending information
about the films and party to your friends, family, colleagues,
neighbors, and anyone else you think would be interested in -- or
needs to know more about -- the films and issues that they cover.

Word of mouth -- otherwise known as "viral marketing" or "buzz"
remains one of the most effective ways to get information out to
people who need it. So be a virus-carrier for anti-corporate activism,
and helps us spread the contagion to as many people as possible!
(Think of it as the "corporate swine" flu ...)

# # #

Thanks as always for your support -- we couldn't do any of this
without you!

See you at the Festival,

John Wilner

CounterCorp: Putting An End to Business as Usual
4th Annual Anti-Corporate Film Festival, May 28-30
Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco

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